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Dia de los Muertos with Quintron's WEATHER WARLOCK + The Babes + Timmy's Organism

Positive Vibrations Foundation presents Dia de los Muertos with Quintron's WEATHER WARLOCK + The Babes + Timmy's Organism AND DJ Miss Mass Destruction and DJ Miss Party Body (Miss Pussycat) 18+ cover: $10 | ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT Congo Kids New Orleans doors: 5pm Door time is specifically set about an hour before sunset so that the synth can be heard interpreting the weather to sound. Promptly, beginning at 6 o’clock, there will be a live improvised weather jam with Quintron’s WEATHER WARLOCK. Performances by The Babes and Timmy’s Organism to follow. WEATHER WARLOCK MUSICIANS LIST Quintron - guitar and warlock Gary Wrong - guitar Aaron Hill (Eyehategod) - drums Aba Mensima - Omnichord John Henry Kelly - upright bass Travis Blotsky - Baritone Sax Paul Grass - Tenor Sax WEATHER WARLOCK features a musical instrument built by New Orleans artist and musician Quintron. The instrument is a large analog synthesizer which is controlled completely by the weather and employs sun, rain, wind, temperature, moon, and lightning to affect an E major drone chord with special sonic events occurring at sunrise and sunset. This project was completed by Quintron during a May 2014 Robert Rauschenberg residency in Captiva Florida. Most recently the Weather Warlock was installed for sunset performances in the Brooks Museum of Art in Memphis Tennessee and in a lower 9th Ward Church in New Orleans. OFFICIAL SITE: PRESS The Guardian > Gizmodo > Smithsonian > VIDEO The Babes Timmy’s Organism Host at PORT

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