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Hip Drop Don't Stop at Miami Art Basel

Daria Dzurik and Graham Robinson (Daria & the Hip Drops) head to Miami Arts Basel with a challenge to write some music based on the art they will immerse themselves in. Follow their journey on instagram @positivevibrationsfoundation!

Songwriter Daria Dzurik fronts the band, who plays steel drum, keys, and sings lead vocals for the group. Dzurik and producer Graham Robinson brought together a collaboration of artists that provide backing grooves to create The Hip Drops. Songs put together by Daria & The Hip Drops have been sculpted to bring out certain music elements, whether it be harmonies or rhythms with a blend of genres. "I Try to vary How I start to write songs. Some days I like the element of melody to be my focus, and then on another day I'll switch and try to create a different song just based off a rhythmic pattern or harmonic progression. It keeps songwriting interesting" says the lead singer. Lyrical content for the band's songs range from the intricacies of relationships and political injustice to the simplicity of just dancing. With the fusion and unique style Daria & The Hip Drops bring, there is something every listener can enjoy.

For more info and media, go to Daria And The Hip Drops tracks are available on iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, CdBaby, and on independent sites like BitTorrent Bundle and Bandcamp at

Find more songs on Daria Dzurik's solo album Calliope on, and also on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify!


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