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Bon Bon Vivant

Established in New Orleans, LA, Bon Bon Vivant electrifies audiences across the country with their signature sound blending indie/gypsy, dark ballads and up-tempo dance rock. Their original music pays homage to the bawdy New Orleans sound while infusing a klezmer influence that leaves a lasting mark on listeners. This genre bending band’s original songs are as fierce as they are heart- breaking, as they celebrate life in minor keys!

BON VIVANT: A person who enjoys a sociable and luxurious lifestyle appreciating food, drink, and music. A Bon Bon Vivant performance embodies the spirit of revelry, celebration and heartache that comes with a life fully lived! Bon Bon Vivant honors and embraces the philosophy of the city where they live, New Orleans! The band experiments with high energy dance music, dark sensual melodies and indie gypsy rock with lyrics encouraging the human experience like “start living now while you’ve got living left.” and “I drank, I danced, I made romance while others decline.” Bon Bon Vivant celebrates the light, knowing that in this short life the darkness is always near.

This family band is helmed by front-woman/songwriter Abigail Cosio and her husband/saxophonist Jeremy Kelley. Blood harmonies are echoed by sister Glori Cosio, and Ryan Brown brings the dusky accordion & piano. Bolstered by a rhythm section of sousaphone and drums, Bon Bon Vivant are no strangers to bringing a vigorous, dynamic sound. Often called a primitive instrument dance party, Bon Bon Vivant serenades stories of love, loss, triumph and perseverance.

HIGHLIGHTS: Bon Bon Vivant is one of the most highlighted acts in the New Orleans music scene today. Awarded ‘Best Emerging Artist’ by Off Beat Magazine, Bon Bon Vivant spread the gospel of decadence and revelry with their infectious sound and performances. Bon Bon Vivant has been featured in the New Orleans Film Festival, French Quarter Fest, Jazz Fest, Chenango Blues Fest, Teal Tie Festival and many more across the country. In 2020 Bon Bon Vivant will release a new full length studio album “Till The Lights Go Out” as well as several live albums recorded on the road together. These wild souls are dedicated to a life of love, indulgence, and wine soaked human connection!


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