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Positive Vibrations HeartBeat Award (Culture Bearer): Clarence “Delco” Dalcour

Clarence Dalcour, 71, is a soft-spoken man who as Big Chief Delco of the Creole Osceola displays old time Black Indian ways that he acquired through listening and observing the elder chiefs.

Chief Delco, whose nickname refers to the Delco battery, became interested in the Indians through his father and uncle who would follow the Yellow Pocahontas gang led by Big Chief Allison “Tootie” Montana. When Dalcour was growing up in Vascoville [in Gentilly] there was only one Mardi Gras Indian in the area, the now-notorious Wildman Rock who roamed dump sites in search of items for his suit. “I remember him from when I was a little boy,” says Dalcour. “He used to walk with a cane and he was wild!” Since Dalcour’s grandmother lived across the street from Montanas’ North Villere Street home, they headed there on Carnival day.


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