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BTS with ROAR! 'Water' Music Video

Check out the BTS photos of ROAR!'s DIY under-the-sea high school play themed music video!

Photos: Monique Pyle

A video for 'Water' from ROAR!'s debut album La-Di-Da. Out Now!

Water is a fall down the New Orleans rabbit hole into a play-like underwater world of fish and fun. Directed by: ROAR! and Rob Davis Edited by: Rob Davis Produced by: Positive Vibrations Foundation with Ben Faulks and Wiley Verstappen Costumes by: Shel Roumillat Cast: Carly Meyers Adam Gertner Seahorse: Rick Ostry Shark: Brooke Trout Octopus (treasure scene): Amy Harvie Octopus (finale): Kevin Real Jellyfish: Blake Quick Jellyfish: Mariana Coelho Fish: Nola Cherry Bombs - Kathryn Rose Wood - Porscha Williams - Emily Mabile - Esther Wittenberg - Colette

Catch ROAR! LIVE at One Eyed Jacks in New Orleans on September 9.

Connect with ROAR!: Facebook | SoundCloud | Instagram |Twitter

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