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Haitian Youth Music Relief

Earlier in July, we traveled to Haiti with our friend and colleague, Dr. Jean Montes where we provided Baille Tourible Marching Band with 70 new music instruments to support their growing music program founded by Fondation KANPE Foundation. The Marching Band is the pride of the whole community!! We were welcomed in song and treated like family during our stay. It is truly an honor to empower them with the means to create beautiful music for their whole community. Dr. Montes also led a music workshop for the marching band.

Many thanks to our partners at KANPE & Dr. Jean Montes #HaitianYouthMusicRelief

Stay tuned for more photos & videos from our trip and to learn how you can support this ongoing project. Sign up for our eletter>

Learn more about BTMB and KANPE> The Marching Band of Baille Tourible | KANPE

KANPE Foundation

photos by Avrinel Dorcin

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