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Positive Vibrations HeartBeat Award (Culture Bearer): Herreast Harrison

“What better way to give to young children than to empower them with knowledge and just to instill in them how important it is to know things—to be curious and to want to excel?” she [Herreast Harrison] asks while living the answer.

Herreast Harrison’s life story sings of destiny. A soft-spoken yet sharp-witted and culturally astute and involved woman, Harrison, 81, took her cues from her mother, Mattie Johnson, in her love of books and artistic creation.

“I had a quest for knowledge,” Harrison says, remembering that her mother read to her children and taught them how to read at an early age. “I was a curious child, it was just how I was wired I guess,” adds Harrison, who excelled throughout her academic life and holds a master’s degree in Museum Studies. “It just came naturally.”

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