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Joshua Starkman HAGD

Joshua Starkman is a smile inducing musician who wants you to "Have A Great Day!". He began his musical journey as a teenager in South Florida before ending up in New Orleans, where he has lived for nearly a decade. Throughout his life and career in music, Josh has realized the importance of positivity, community, and strength in cultural diversity. The "Have A Great Day" Series aims to highlight the importance of these themes while promoting and documenting the beauty of humans through music. Have a great day!

Follow him on instagram @joshuastarkman for daily vibes!

We're honored to infuse his spirit into our instagram account @positivevibrationsfoundation July - August. He's spending a lot of time around L.A. and other parts of California so if you're a musician and that is your area, drop him a line and make some HAGD magic.

Learn more about Joshua and HAGD plus treat yourself to a tank top or T-shirt with his face on it which will undoubtedly in turn create more great days for more great people.


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